On-Page SEO Checklist

  1. Title
  2. Intro
  3. H2
  4. Video
  5. FAQ
  6. Share & Comment
  7. Related post
  8. Author
  9. Permalink
  10. Feature Image
  11. Meta tag
  12. Click to tweet
For Site:
  1. Keyword research - niche selection
  2. Brandable domain name
  3. Try to keep the domain name short as much as possible (in wp setup - remove last /).
  4. Brandable Logo
  5. Favicon  
  6. Apple Touch Icon
  7. Android Icon
  8. sitemap.xml
  9. robots.txt
  10. Navigation: Home, About (mission, vision, team), Contact, Jobs/Careers, Pricing, Service, Privacy policy, Affiliate Discloser (order doesn’t matter)
  11. Setup 301 page
  12. Setup 404 page
  13. Public who-is info
  14. Domain buy for a long time
  15. Frequent update information.
  16. Communication – comment section, send message, email, phone, live chat.
  17. Exit pop-up
  18. Search box
  19. Subscribe 
  20. Navigation (next, previous, page no … )
  21. Social like/share buttons
  22. Link with SMM
  23. Boost site/page speed (use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to figure out your site’s loading speed. Wordpress plugins WP Rocket and WP Smush It can help speed things up. Lazy load image)
  24. Set schema review (only at review content not in long tail content)
  25. Affiliate/paid/external(not all ) link nofollow
  26. https://
  27. Setup analytics
  28. Maintain Topical Authority: For the same type of topic give more than 5 article.  Best to keep the site more specific (micro niche).
  29. Noindex and Deindex unnecessary page (such as - 'about' 'privacy policy' 'disclosure' 'tag' 'category').
  30. Side widget.
  31. Related post widget
  32. Top post widget.
  33. Color combination and suggestions (UX).
  34. Disclaimer for affiliate
  35. DMCA 
  36. Stop to pagination to index 

For Every Page/Post:
  1. Keyword
    1. Keyword research for post
    2. LSI keywords
    3. Keyword density (<1%)
    4. Single word density
  2. Permalink
    1. Use SEO friendly URLs, permalink (Keep keyword & shorter (remove last /))
  3. Title
    1. Optimize for CTR
    2. Start post title with keyword (50-65 characters)
    3. Post title goes on browser title too
    4. Title in a title/camel case 
    5. Placing of modifier (keywords) in the title.
    6. Add modifiers to the title (using modifiers like “2017”, “best”, “guide”, "case study", and “review” can help you rank for long tail versions of your target keyword.) So that user willing to click on SEARCH RESULT.
    7. Use emotion in title
    8. Use bracket or parenthesis in title 
    9. Use urgency
    10. Post title in an H1 Tag with keywords
  4. Meta Description
    1. Meta description, search description (300-400 characters)
    2. Optimize for CTR
    3. User power word
  5. Meta keywords (max 255 characters)
  6. H2-H6
    1. Subheadings in H2...H6 tags with LSI 
    2. Utilization of H1 - 1 H2 - 1, H3 - multi, ... tags.
    3. Maintain hierarchy
  7. First Para
    1. Introduction optimization.
    2. First anchor link will be the internal link
    3. Put the internal/affiliate link in first fold.
    4. Add a colorful image above the fold (info content).
    5. Keep keyword in first 100 words.
  8. Featured Image
    1.  Unique, colorful
    2. CTR optimized
    3. It is for social media, not show in content (because it take lots of space in first fold)
  9. Multimedia (keywords in file name, alt tag, description)
    1. Image 
      1. Unique, alt, name, optimization (meta/property, handy size/compressed)
      2. Placing of the image (right side).
    2. Embedded video 
    3. Embedded slide 
    4. Embedded audio
    5. Embedded GIF
    6. Placing of Infographic
    7. File Names
  10. Use responsive design.
  11. Use outbound links. Include at least 2 outbound links to related authority sites [popular blogs (non-competitor), .gov, .edu, resources, wiki, question-answer, research paper, research static, news sites,] in every piece of content. DO NOT use in the first fold. Give the external link to the authority site. Make it information hub. 
  12. Use internal links (link in - from ranked content, link out - to non-ranked content)
  13. Social like/share buttons
  14. Post long content (best is 1500 to 2500 words)
  15. Boost dwell/stay time
  16. Quality content (search engines have no direct way of determining quality, they have plenty of indirect methods, such as: repeat visitors, chrome bookmarks, time on site, dwell time)
  17. Optimize clicks to content (CTR) - (Include internal links at the top of your article.)
  18. Optimize conversion (using different color, table, different words such as ‘Check New Price’ instead of ‘Check Price’) 
  19. Optimize for rich snippets
    1. Use <strong>/bold at body where needed 
    2. Use bullet point
    3. Use table
    4. Maintain H1 to H6 hierarchy
  20. Label/category/tag
  21. For content ask these questions yourself: 
    1. Is my content interesting to read?
    2. Is my content in-depth and well-written?
    3. Is my content written with the user in mind?
    4. Does my content solve a problem?
    5. Is my content easy to share?
    6. Is my content optimized for a high-volume keyword?
  22. Use Bucket Brigades technique
  23. Tabel of content/contents box (table)
  24. Follow silo structure (keyword) (it is dead now)
  25. Placing of main keywords (intro+body+conclusion).
  26. Maintain ratio of LSI keywords.
  27. Maintain ratio of seed keywords.
  28. Conclusion optimization (Final Recommendation).
  29. Variation of anchor text (of course in onpage).
  30. Content quality.
  31. Implement the concept of "package content".
  32. Add the post to the menu.
  33. Full stop at the bullet point.
  34. Mention Influencer.

  35. Ask for share and comment
  36. Last para - Keep keyword in last 100 words.


Content Idea 

  1. Hot trends topic 
  2. Emotional content. 
  3. How to guide.

  1. Low-quality content
  2. Thin content:  300 words posts. 
  3. Broken link
  4. Poor internal linking
  5. Error in robots.txt
  6. Orphan pages (not linked to by another one)
  7. Dead-end pages (no outgoing links)
  8. Crawl error resolution
  9. Copyright image
  10. Copy content
  11. Grammatical error
  12. Spelling mistake
  13. Anchor target keywords and LSI keywords


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